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Privacy, Security, Encryption Bad day for LinkedIn: not only did 6 million of their passwords get stolen and published online (as SHA1 hashes, but still), their iOS and Android applications uploaded your calendars to LinkedIn (after opting in, though). The Sensationalist Headline of the Day Award goes to Ars Technica. I guess everyone's starting to feel the sting of The Verge's fully deserved success.
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The Verge, Opt In
by Priest on Wed 6th Jun 2012 23:12 UTC
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I don't understand this reference "I guess everyone's starting to feel the sting of The Verge's fully deserved success."

I guess I don't understand the significance of The Verge in the reference aside from them just being an Arse competitor?

Also, I wonder how "opt in" the linkedin feature is. Opt in like you have to go into a menu and enable having the data sent to Linkedin or Opt-in like "additional permissions are needed to do such and such, click yes to agree"

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RE: The Verge, Opt In
by jabbotts on Thu 7th Jun 2012 16:03 in reply to "The Verge, Opt In"
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The Verge seems to be recognized as where the Linked In password story broke first. Everyone else is linking back to them as the source.

Regarding Opt-in calendar sharing. When my Android app updated, the next time I openned it I got screen message "do you wish to upload your calendar" or something similar. That would be the "opt-in" mentioned.

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