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Legal So, the next venue of patent trolling has just been opened. Apple has patented - quite specifically - the wedge shape of the MacBook Air. Not the general design or impression, no - just the wedge shape. This is interesting, because that wedge shape? Hit prior art in 3.2 seconds: the Vaio x505 from 2004. A wedge-shaped, superthin (for its day) laptop - exactly what Apple's design patent claims the company has invented.
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by thavith_osn on Thu 7th Jun 2012 23:17 UTC
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...Apple just need to "try this on" to protect them against people suing them in the days ahead.

I know Apple has a history of going after people, don't get me wrong, but they also get taken to court as much as anyone else too, so sometimes buying protective clothing is a good idea.

However, on the surface, without delving too deep into the reasons, I'd say this was a crazy move. Maybe the guy in charge of patents at Apple needs to keep his job, so keeps patenting anything that moves?

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