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Google Google held its curious little Maps event today (and WWDC is right around the corner, surely a coincidence, is it not?), showing off some new stuff in maps. While digital maps are one big snore to me (old maps fascinate me to no end, though), they did have one cool thing to show off: full 3D mapping, which they're adding to Google Earth, also for mobile devices. It'll arrive over the coming weeks. The race is on: will Apple's 3D map thing arrive before, or after "the coming weeks"?
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There's always accelerometer / gyroscope, with which you can "look around" using the phone as a visor of sorts; like already in streetview.
Perhaps could map also to 3D map rotations.

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I'm not sure that looking around would be very practical for a maps app. I don't know how others use those, but myself I mainly need it while walking, sitting in a bus/train, or cycling, and in those situations waving my arm across wide angles definitely wouldn't be a satisfactory option.

Maybe they could try something based on screen tilting, kind of like that gimmicky animation of the stock photo gallery app on Android, but on shiny LCD screens things can quickly become unreadable when you try that on a sunny day...

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Maybe they could try something based on screen tilting

Yeah that's more or less what I mean - anyway, people don't really wave their phone at arms length with streetview: the movements tend to be as minimal as possible; we are lazy creatures ;p

Now I also wonder if we'll see "back touchpad" like in Sony Vita - two additional axis there could be handy in "more 3D" control situations (and isn't that sort of the point behind Android's open architecture & many handsets, to make experiments easier and possibly increase the pace of innovation?)

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