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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Bloomberg: "Microsoft, which has tightly controlled the number of ARM-based devices it is supporting at first to ensure quality, opted not to work with HTC after initial discussions with the company, said two people familiar with the matter. The world's largest software maker decided HTC didn't have the sales volume needed and had less tablet experience than some of the other vendors it could choose to work with for the first round of devices, the people said." HTC was the first company to build a Microsoft-powered smartphone. Now, they're not allowed to build Windows 8 tablets.
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Not to mention the whole damned reason they are jamming the awful Win 8 metro "supergigantic smartphone" UI down our throats is they want "One UI to rule them all" which if all the carriers just throw on their own custom skins kinda defeats the entire purpose they have spent all that money coming up with.

While I have no desire to own an ARM based Wintab (If it doesn't run Windows X86 programs I see no advantage in buying one over Android which has a bigger market and more apps) I can see why they would want to have the UI be the same across devices. this way one marketing push covers everyone, people can look at the commercial and know exactly what they are looking at, and it helps them have a consistent brand identity.

So while i may not personally care for it its not like they told HTC to lump it, they offered HTC the same deal everyone else is getting and they refused.

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