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Legal So, the next venue of patent trolling has just been opened. Apple has patented - quite specifically - the wedge shape of the MacBook Air. Not the general design or impression, no - just the wedge shape. This is interesting, because that wedge shape? Hit prior art in 3.2 seconds: the Vaio x505 from 2004. A wedge-shaped, superthin (for its day) laptop - exactly what Apple's design patent claims the company has invented.
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ZenBook as well
by OSNevvs on Fri 8th Jun 2012 10:22 UTC
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Asus ZenBooks have a wedge design as well. Most ultrabooks I have seen do. What's next? Apple registering the rectangular shape for computer screens as a patent?

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RE: ZenBook as well
by viton on Fri 8th Jun 2012 13:58 in reply to "ZenBook as well"
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Seems you forgot that Zenbook and ultrabook concept in general came after Macbook Air

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RE[2]: ZenBook as well
by Morgan on Fri 8th Jun 2012 19:08 in reply to "RE: ZenBook as well"
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Zenbooks yes, but I remember selling ultrabooks at least a few years before the MBA was even announced. One in particular that I was interested in had a flip-up DVD drive under the keyboard; you lifted the keyboard itself via a latch and inserted a disc. The entire laptop was under four pounds and had a very fast processor/graphics combo for what it was and for the era. And it was wedge-shaped. It was either a Sony or Fujitsu if memory serves.

That was in 2006, the year I first heard of Dynamism.

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