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Hardware, Embedded Systems Two weeks ago, my grandmother passed away - the last grandparent I had left. As those of you with experience in dealing with deceased family members know, the funeral is only the start; the next part is taking care of the deceased's affairs, which includes going through all their belongings to determine what to do with them. I took care of my grandmother's extensive book collection, and while doing so, I hit something that fascinated me to no end: a six-volume Christian Encyclopaedia from 1956. In it, I found something I just had to share with OSNews.
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Jesus said he "came not to abolish the law, but to fulfil it" (Mat5:17); in a sense the old law lead up to the new law. The purpose of the old law was to prepare the Jews for Christ, whom they rejected. No, the old law no longer _applies_ to us, because the Jews at the time had taken the law so far away from it's meaning ("you make the law a burden upon the people") by following the letters and not the meaning. Jesus did away with the law by returning it to it's spirit meaning Mat22:37-40 "...On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets"

The old testament and new testament run in parallels. The first half of the Bible is about the physical, the second half is spiritual. The first half is about what happened to provide examples, the second half is about what sort of person you should be.

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Good response; I like how you framed and the issue.

From a person who tries to be a Christian but often finds himself feeling like he should be a New Jew instead -- not by desire, but by some sort of misplaced sense of obligation.

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