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Mac OS X "I've lost track of the many reasons that have been given for the switch to Intel, but this I know for sure: no one has ever reported that, for 18 months, Project Marklar existed only because a self-demoted engineer wanted his son Max to be able to live closer to Max's grandparents." Amazing.
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Embellishment with Time
by BlueofRainbow on Sun 10th Jun 2012 22:49 UTC
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Many stories get embellished with the passing of time.

The foundation of OS X was derived from NextStep which was already capable of running on the X86 architecture when Apple purchased Next.

Bringing OS X onto the X86 architecture likely meant starting from the same original base and applying/porting the changes made for the PPC. Not a small feat in it-self for a one-person team.

Some dads can be quite creative when it comes to providing the best environment for their children. A good thing too that his manager seemed to have some discretionary funds he could apply to such not-a-priority project.

The really only odd bit in the story is that Steve Jobs would have taken a flight to meet with Sony the next day after the demonstration. It would be weird that he would have entertained a venture based on licensing OS X for Intel given that one of his first actions back at Apple was to stop the hardware clones.

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