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Google So, Google has made it very hard to install Chrome extensions outside of the Chrome Web Store - out of security concerns. In addition, they sprung this on users and extension developers without much consultation or consideration for their concerns. As always - understandable to protect users, but the handling has an almost Apple-like bluntness to it. Next up: how to jailbreak your browser?
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RE: "How to Jailbreak"
by Beta on Sun 10th Jun 2012 23:51 UTC in reply to ""How to Jailbreak""
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Install Chromium? Does Chromium also require web store extensions by default?

Not much point, the only difference between Firefox and Chrome now is a few -webkit- properties and NativeClient. And since Chromium doesn’t support NaCl, most of the ‘chrome web store’ content doesn’t actually work.

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RE[2]: "How to Jailbreak"
by jasutton on Mon 11th Jun 2012 00:11 in reply to "RE: "How to Jailbreak""
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Where do you see that Chromium doesn't support NaCl? I'm running Chromium on ArchLinux, and I'm pretty sure it works. Perhaps you're referring to it not working on Debian/Ubuntu builds of Chromium?

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