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Apple Apple held its keynote speech just now, kicking off its developer conference. The company announced minor refreshes for its laptop line, introduced a stunning new laptop with a Retina display, and gave a sneak peek of iOS 6, which will launch in the Fall.
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RE: Ugh.
by jackeebleu on Tue 12th Jun 2012 02:19 UTC in reply to "Ugh."
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You slug. I guess Siri's SDK being opened for developers to link their apps to, OS 10.8, its $19.99 price, twin thunderbolt ports, power nap, passbook, etc., are yawn inspiring.

On the MBP retina, I tried finding another laptop that had 8GB 1600MHz DDR3L, 256GB SSD, 15.6" Retina Display (Or close), Core i7 2.3 Quad, BT 4.0, with a Nvidia GT 650M 1GB, and guess what, HP doesn't have any, Dell had some shit called the M4600 for $2764 with no SSD,so uh ...yeah.

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RE[2]: Ugh.
by JAlexoid on Tue 12th Jun 2012 02:31 in reply to "RE: Ugh."
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I guess Siri's SDK being opened for developers to link their apps to

Sorry, I might have missed that. Siri has an SDK now?!?!?!?

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RE[2]: Ugh.
by j-kidd on Tue 12th Jun 2012 05:10 in reply to "RE: Ugh."
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SSD price has dropped to $1.5 per GB already. A 240GB Intel 520 series SSD is retailing for $369, and is better than whatever that get put into MBP/MBA/UltraBook.

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RE[2]: Ugh.
by bryanv on Tue 12th Jun 2012 13:54 in reply to "RE: Ugh."
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I purchased a refurbished M4600 for $850 last month. It is a -fantastic- linux box, which is what I wanted it for.

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RE[2]: Ugh.
by Carewolf on Thu 14th Jun 2012 06:08 in reply to "RE: Ugh."
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Apple has cornered the market on the 3k 15" displays for now. We will have to wait until the producers are allowed to sell to third parties. Officially the panels Apple are using doesn't even exist, and have never been demoed or launched by the component producers. You can get laptops with 1080 displays, even as far down as 11" but not 1800 vertical.

Btw. 1920x1080 on 14" thinkpad is not bad. It looks gorgeous, but really requires Linux to take full advantage of the high DPI.

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