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Apple Apple held its keynote speech just now, kicking off its developer conference. The company announced minor refreshes for its laptop line, introduced a stunning new laptop with a Retina display, and gave a sneak peek of iOS 6, which will launch in the Fall.
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RE[6]: Death of Wired networking
by MOS6510 on Tue 12th Jun 2012 17:07 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Death of Wired networking"
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Well, students tend to flock in groups, one is bound to have a laptop with an ethernet connection.

But then again, students tend to be poor, so what are they doing with a MacBook Pro and an expensive router/modem anyway? :-p

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Neolander Member since:

I agree with both of your arguments, but this goes against the OP's argument that all laptops should drop Ethernet connectivity.

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MOS6510 Member since:

I think currently it would't be a smart thing, but we are moving to a world where more and more wireless devices are in use.

Apple's AirPort units can be configured without a wire, even with an iPhone. I can imagine other manufactures also going that way.

I mean, it's rather silly having to setup a WiFi station using a wire as the whole point of such a device is to be able to have a wireless network! So it's safe to assume that the person buying a WiFi station has a computer, laptop or tablet with WiFi. If they don't there is no point of configuring the WiFi station anyway.

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When did I argue that all laptops SHOULD drop ethernet?

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