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Apple Marco Arment: "After two years, the Mac Pro was 'updated' today, sort of: now we can choose slightly faster two-year-old CPUs at the top end, and the other two-year-old CPU options are cheaper now. That's about it. No Xeon E5 CPUs, no USB 3, no Thunderbolt. They're even shipping the same two-year-old graphics cards. Same motherboard, slightly different CPU options from 2010. That's it. The message is clear: Apple doesn't give a shit about the Mac Pro." Paint, red, scout, girl.
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RE: But why?
by bassbeast on Tue 12th Jun 2012 18:12 UTC in reply to "But why? "
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Honestly? I wouldn't be surprised if now that Jobs is gone Cook ends up dropping the pro line entirely. it simply isn't a big profit margin item and the cost to update the line, especially now that Intel has slit the throat of Nvidia and run them out of the chipset business, is simply not worth the effort expended.

Mark my words in a year or so Cook will proclaim the iPad 5 "The new mac" and other than a couple of consumer units macs will simply be phased out. With the consumer line frankly he can use ancient chips and nobody will care, because for consumers Intel has been insanely overpowered for several revs now. This is the opposite of the pros, who NEED the fastest chips they can get for content creation and media manipulation.

Even though I'm not an Apple guy I do feel bad for the pros, nobody likes spending a ton of money only to get support yanked out from under them, but when they turned FCP into iMovie and killed the Apple Server most pros should have seen the writing on the wall. It was Jobs that liked Apple being "The machine where movie magic is made" while Cook simply hasn't shown any care about that side at all.

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