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Windows "Microsoft recently extended 'It Just Works' compatibility for Visual Basic 6 applications through the full lifetime of Windows 8. Visual Basic 6 first shipped in 1998, so its apps will have at least 24 years of supported lifetime. Contrast that with the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 (2002), which is incompatible with Windows 7 (2009)."
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RE[6]: kill -9 now...
by galvanash on Wed 13th Jun 2012 02:08 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: kill -9 now..."
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Except that large Win Forms applications that have to work with large datasets and have lots of user controls perform like garbage and even worse under
Windows 7.

THAT is what you bring up to defend VB6???

Winforms is a dead end. Use WPF. Or use Qt with native bindings if you feel adventurous.

Your complaint is a tooling issue, not a programming issue - winforms is not the only option available for a .NET developer and in fact is probably the poorest one.

Sure winforms is easy, so is VB6 - the point is both of them have the same problem... They scale poorly with developer need, you hit walls with either of them that cannot be easily overcome. That is why Microsoft is desperately trying to get their developers to see the light and stop using these technologies...

If you simply can't stomach the MVC/MVVM paradigm Delphi is still around if you have the money for it and want something more like VB6 but with "teh snappy". It was and still is far faster than any version of VB as far as the resulting UI performance goes (that includes VB6). Hell, it is faster than VB6 by pretty much any measure, and it is fairly portable to boot. The feature set and layout control in Delphi are about an order of magnitude more flexible than VB6 every was - but it is the exact same development workflow as far as how the GUI stuff works.

VB6 forms being "fast" is a side-effect of it being almost 15 years old and woefully lacking anything resembling a modern feature set. It is archaic. That is not a strength...

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RE[7]: kill -9 now...
by jptros on Wed 13th Jun 2012 03:33 in reply to "RE[6]: kill -9 now..."
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Right well, so in other news, VB6 will continue to be supported if for no other reason than no business sees the value in investing in complete rewrites because some developer on an internet forum thinks VB is trash. Apparently Microsoft agrees.

By the way, I'm a .net developer, c#. I've inherited and still support to this day my fair share of VB projects, some crap, others not. I don't have a soft spot for Visual Basic but I've seen plenty of it's success in the business world first hand.

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RE[8]: kill -9 now...
by galvanash on Wed 13th Jun 2012 03:53 in reply to "RE[7]: kill -9 now..."
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I have no problem at all with continued support from Microsoft. I even get the argument - there is no reason to rewrite something if it works.

Really - I do get it. I'm just begging and pleading that developers don't take this "continued support" thing as an invitation to keep using it for future work. Expand your mind, that's all I'm saying. The product has serious flaws - it may have been the bees knees 15 years ago but it is time to let go and move on to bigger and better things.

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RE[7]: kill -9 now...
by snorkel1 on Wed 13th Jun 2012 15:42 in reply to "RE[6]: kill -9 now..."
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"Winforms is a dead end. Use WPF. Or use Qt with native bindings if you feel adventurous. "

Use Lazarus and or Delphi instead. WPF is probably not going to last either.

last time I tried to use WPF it had a very unfinished feel to it.

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RE[8]: kill -9 now...
by lucas_maximus on Wed 13th Jun 2012 18:27 in reply to "RE[7]: kill -9 now..."
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WPF and Silverlight are similar to how metro does stuff, Microsoft even has a guide on how to port the code.

Tech evolves. It is better to have something that can be built and ported easily using similar ideas and technologies than WinForms that is a knock off of Swing.

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RE[8]: kill -9 now...
by zima on Wed 13th Jun 2012 22:57 in reply to "RE[7]: kill -9 now..."
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Are you implying that Delphi or Lazarus will likely last longer or there's no unfinished feel to it, respectively?

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