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Linux The BBC interviews Torvalds. I like this bit: "For me, Linux on the desktop is where I started, and Linux on the desktop is literally what I still use today primarily - although I obviously do have other Linux devices, including an Android phone - so I'd personally really love for it to take over in that market too. But I guess that in the meantime I can't really complain about the successes in other markets." Linux on the desktop is quite passe. Phones and servers is where it's at.
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RE[5]: Desktop Forever...
by WereCatf on Thu 14th Jun 2012 01:02 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Desktop Forever..."
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So what? They probably don't even make up 0.1% of startup funding here in the US. The lack of venture capital may be a legitimate problem for you, but the lack of "Kickstarter"? Sheesh!

Kickstarter would fit the bill for multiple reasons. One is obviously the fact that I have no other means of obtaining the required monetary assets to get the project going, the second one is that for the people who pledge to a project it becomes a personal thing; if you make a concious decision to use some of your own hard-earned money to support the creation of something you enjoy you create an emotional attachement to the thing, too. That's a powerful thing, it allows you to gain a strong fanbase from the get-go, and these people are also very likely to talk about the project to anyone they think might be interested, resulting in lots of completely free advertisement for you. Oh, and then you'd actually have some hard numbers to present to others about how many people wish to see you succeed, something that is worth several buckets of gold if you know how to use the knowledge.

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