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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless And the burning platform is still, uhm, burning. "Chief Executive Stephen Elop is placing hopes of a turnaround on a new range of smartphones called Lumia, which use largely untried Microsoft software. But Lumia sales have so far been slow, disappointing investors." It's a shame to see a once proud company in such a downward spiral, but alas, it's the way of business. If you get complacent - as Nokia had gotten - you will fail.
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RE: MeeGo was not the answer
by dsmogor on Fri 15th Jun 2012 06:07 UTC in reply to "MeeGo was not the answer"
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Maemo6 was not much poised to take over Android customers (through it had Android compatibility developed) as much as providing a migration path for both past Symbian users who by the time of original N9 announcement constituted a third of smartphone market share (both in consumer and enterprise space) and developers (having source compat. trough QT). Seeing death warrant on the platform most of them used the occasion to buy into Android which currently has closest Symbian feature parity.

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