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Apple After a proper teardown, iFixit concludes that the new MacBook Pro has no user-serviceable parts at all, which some think is a really bad thing. I honestly don't know - I mean, my ZenBook isn't particularly user-serviceable either, and my smartphones, tablets, and whatnot are pretty much entirely soldered together as well. What do you guys make of this?
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RE[9]: Sounds like a challenge.
by zima on Fri 15th Jun 2012 07:29 UTC in reply to "RE[8]: Sounds like a challenge."
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Depends on the place and its approach to designed crops; yes, something to be fixed in some, I imagine. But OTOH you have the long triticale breeding research, efforts to make it fertile.

BTW, the problem is really much broader - namely, that our agriculture runs on fossil fuels, and how insanely dependant we are on them overall (that's where "surplus" hectares on this graph are coming, from the past; and also from spoling the future ones). You mention global famine - I think it could be even more "funny"* if we end up with (...we already cause what will be one of the most rapid extinction events in geological history)

Note I don't unquestionably endorse all aspects of progress, just pointing it out earlier (and I quite possibly eat more locally-produced or even self-harvested foods than most people in the thread)

* I tend to talk about it from the point of view of a dispassionate outside observer - here, noticing the stupidity of a species possibly on the way to its destruction, and certainly not doing much to mitigate the risk - really, getting what they deserve.
Maybe it's easier to cope with it, when talking like that.

Maybe that's the explanation of Fermi paradox... )or major part at least)

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