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Opera Software I'm not sure if such a thing exists anymore (what, with both Firefox and Chrome doing the release-all-the-time thing), but browser season 2012 has been opened! Opera 12 has just been released, bringing with it all sorts of updates and improvements. She may not be the most popular of the pack, but she sure has the most loyal fanbase.
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RE: Opera works well
by Nico57 on Fri 15th Jun 2012 21:20 UTC in reply to "Opera works well"
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Opera used to be a memory champion (had it running with well over 200 tabs!), but I agree this might not be the case anymore.

Chrome was pretty bad in this area, presumably because of process separation, and seems to have improved lately (it does seem to group a bunch of tabs in the same process now).
Still I had it crash badly on startup a few days ago, reloading the last set of tabs, while everything was running smooth just before (had to unplug the network, run Chrome, plug in back and reload tabs one by one...)

Overall memory behavior is not something easy to test for.
Even when a browser runs fine with a large specific set of tabs, memory often increases over time (days, weeks) just like you said, and the whole thing can crawl to swapping hell.

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