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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "One of the casualties of Nokia's latest cuts is Meltemi, the company's effort to create a new Linux-based operating system for low-end smartphones. The project was aimed at offering smartphones at prices that neither Android or Windows Phone could easily reach, but also would have required Nokia to try to woo developers for yet another operating system." I've said it before and I'll say it again: it's Elop's job to make Nokia as miserable as possible, so that when Microsoft finally makes its move, it can be seen a saviour rather than a predator. Everything that can be cut has to be cut to dive the price down.
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Meltemi wasn't the ony effort
by zima on Fri 15th Jun 2012 22:12 UTC
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The apparently just unveiled (also 306, and 311 ) are touch-only S40. More or less the kind of "low-end smartphones" or "feature phones" the Meltemi was supposedly aiming at - though it most likely wouldn't be ready still for quite some time, and if the S40 effort turned out fruitful...

It might also include large part of what Meltemi was to offer; earlier touchscreen Ashas introduced some basic "swipe" UI interaction.

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