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Windows Paul Thurrot and Rafael Rivera have some good shots of the new theme for classic applications in windows 8. Looking pretty good - too bad Microsoft didn't come up with a new icon set as well. Still, white window borders with a white taskbar and these new widgets and flat appearance... Nice.
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fellow techies..
by andih on Fri 15th Jun 2012 22:35 UTC
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you guys have the brainpower to create your own "desktop environment" one would believe.
Then, why so dependent on these corporate rats?

I found my "nerdvana" using:
OS - linux
vim - texteditor
rxvt-unicode - terminal emulator
awesomewm - window manager
dvorak for keyboard layout
bash terminal - filemanager
etc etc

stable as a rock, free, and extremely powerful.

I can use same setup on a new i7 or on a old 900 celeron laptop. ;) I just transfer my conf files between installs, and I got the same awesome setup wherevere i need.

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RE: fellow techies..
by WereCatf on Sat 16th Jun 2012 02:09 in reply to "fellow techies.."
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Then, why so dependent on these corporate rats?

Simple: the software I use does not run at all or does only run with issues under Linux. Or any of the other OSes.

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