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Internet & Networking "Long before the coming of the World Wide Web, the Minitel provided a sort of internet-in-one-country. Long before Facebook, Google or Twitter - millions of French people went 'online' daily to search for information, to book their holidays, chat to strangers or seek cheap (or not so cheap) sexual thrills."
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Will go blank....
by jaxx on Sat 16th Jun 2012 10:09 UTC
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Looks like The Independant really doesn't like France by the tone they use... And though it (minitel) did slow down the adoption of Internet in households, we've more then caught up since, and on many aspects, speed, services, price etc..., and there are not many countries that could argue against that...

Anyways, bottom line is that Minitel will go blank not because it is directly targetted, but mainly because the X25 network it relies on, the most dense one ever built, is being decommissioned.

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