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Windows Adrian Kingsley-Hughes pens a rant on Windows 8, calling it 'awful': "I'm now ready to sum up my Windows 8 experience with a single word: awful. I could have chosen a number of other words - terrible, horrible, painful and execrable all spring to mind - but it doesn't matter, the sentiment is the same." I've been using Windows 8 Release Preview on both my ZenBook and my regular desktop since its release, and here's my short review: "I like it." Issues a-plenty, but for what is essentially a 1.0 release - not bad. It's a hell of a lot better than other releases which were similar in scope (Mac OS X 10.0, KDE 4.0).
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Because calling a alpha/beta release "4.0" is retarded and counter intuitive. Deal with it - they deserved it.

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Why are we regurgitating the same old sh!t again? If you didn't notice, KDE is quite mature and stable now. I don't see anyone moaning about OS X 10.0 today. That's because everyone moved on to what's currently available.

Living in the past instead of using what's available now gets us nowhere in this discussion.

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When comparing something BrandNew (tm), then you should compare stable editions of beta editions, or whatever point-in-the-app-life you choose.

That's why you want to go back to the past. So comparision is right.

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