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Windows Adrian Kingsley-Hughes pens a rant on Windows 8, calling it 'awful': "I'm now ready to sum up my Windows 8 experience with a single word: awful. I could have chosen a number of other words - terrible, horrible, painful and execrable all spring to mind - but it doesn't matter, the sentiment is the same." I've been using Windows 8 Release Preview on both my ZenBook and my regular desktop since its release, and here's my short review: "I like it." Issues a-plenty, but for what is essentially a 1.0 release - not bad. It's a hell of a lot better than other releases which were similar in scope (Mac OS X 10.0, KDE 4.0).
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RE: Win 8 blows
by MollyC on Sun 17th Jun 2012 20:49 UTC in reply to "Win 8 blows"
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The criticism may sound harsh but agree with everything the author says. The architects of Win 8 changed stuff merely for the sake of change, in much the same way that KDE 4 /Gnome 3 "devolved". Linux users have alternatives to these window managers like XFCE and LXDE whereas Windows users are stuck an upgrade path they may not want. As a consumer I should be able to choose which desktop model I prefer.

Microsoft's "Building Windows 8" blog has detailed analysis of user behavior that indicatest that the changes are NOT "merely fo rthe sake of change". I've yet to see ANY of the bashers address any of Microsoft's very detailed research, instead you just throw out your opinions as if they are axioms. Tell me where Microsoft's research is wrong. Give me an analysis as detailed as what Microsoft has provided in the "Building Windows 8" blog in numerous blog entries.

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