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Linux In the past year I've reviewed four lightweight Linuxes for OS News: VectorLinux, Puppy Linux, Lubuntu, and Damn Small Linux. This article compares the four distributions. I invite your comments in response: what are your own experiences with these and competing lightweight distros?
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Tinycore instead of DSL
by uggla on Mon 18th Jun 2012 05:19 UTC
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DSL has evolved into Tinycore, you should have tested that instead.

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RE: Tinycore instead of DSL
by cb88 on Mon 18th Jun 2012 16:55 in reply to "Tinycore instead of DSL"
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DSL and Tinycore have different goals though... I don't think tiny core is pushing the I can run on a 486 bit as much.

That said slitaz is pretty nice.

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RE[2]: Tinycore instead of DSL
by djohnston on Mon 18th Jun 2012 21:34 in reply to "RE: Tinycore instead of DSL"
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"The reviews all cover current releases (except for Lubuntu, which is now at version 12.04)."

The last Damn Small Linux release was in late 2008.

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RE[2]: Tinycore instead of DSL
by bassbeast on Tue 19th Jun 2012 05:43 in reply to "RE: Tinycore instead of DSL"
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Uhhh...and wouldn't it be kinda , you know, unsafe to run a distro that hasn't had a single update in 4 years? Frankly I don't think I'd trust ANY OS that hadn't had so much as a single update in 4 years, who knows how many bugs that have been patched are still present in DSL. Sure if all you are doing is futzing with an old machine and not allowing it to hook to the Internet then fine, but if that's the case then that Win95 or whatever is on it would do just as well.

It just seems a little crazy to me to even entertain something that has been for all intents and purposes abandoned as a viable OS for use on the net. I mean you can still download those last releases of Xandros Community Edition, like DSL their website is still up, but I wouldn't recommend it.

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