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Windows Adrian Kingsley-Hughes pens a rant on Windows 8, calling it 'awful': "I'm now ready to sum up my Windows 8 experience with a single word: awful. I could have chosen a number of other words - terrible, horrible, painful and execrable all spring to mind - but it doesn't matter, the sentiment is the same." I've been using Windows 8 Release Preview on both my ZenBook and my regular desktop since its release, and here's my short review: "I like it." Issues a-plenty, but for what is essentially a 1.0 release - not bad. It's a hell of a lot better than other releases which were similar in scope (Mac OS X 10.0, KDE 4.0).
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Metro as a seperate OS
by Chrispynutt on Mon 18th Jun 2012 09:25 UTC
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I think the shoehorning in of Metro and the lack of confidence in it as a brand that somehow needs 'Windows' attached to it is the key flaw in all this.

Back when MS started down the Windows path, they didn't brand it as DOS NG or DOS for Desktops, no it was called Windows.

On it's own and as a stand alone brand I feel that Metro or what ever the OS brand would be far better. You wouldn't get the half assed Windows/Metro mashups or the negative baggage attached to the phone brand.

To me this is where Balmer and the current management have shown their stripes. They just don't have the guts to launch a truely new OS and interface. They have to tether it to another perfectly good older OS and ending up to be to the detriment of both of them.

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