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Linux In the past year I've reviewed four lightweight Linuxes for OS News: VectorLinux, Puppy Linux, Lubuntu, and Damn Small Linux. This article compares the four distributions. I invite your comments in response: what are your own experiences with these and competing lightweight distros?
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by JuEeHa on Mon 18th Jun 2012 13:13 UTC
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I can't honestly call any of those distros (except DSL) lightweight. Only DSL and VectorLinux light edition even boot on my _main_ computer (and VectorLinux light edition only barely). I run SliTaz on my computer. (I used lowram-cdrom flavor cd to install it.) It is distro I can call lightweight. (After switching to plain openbox of course. Currently I don't use X11.) Something like Lubuntu is not lightweight. At most I'd call it not as horribly bloated as some distros.

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RE: Lightweight?
by zima on Mon 25th Jun 2012 23:36 in reply to "Lightweight?"
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Your 64 MiB were on the low side even in the times of that Pentium III of yours... hell, my Pentium II 266 has six times as much RAM.

Stop doing this to yourself, go though some scrapyard or something and get for nothing a much better PC (or at least surplus RAM)

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