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Hardware, Embedded Systems "The UEFI secure boot mechanism has been the source of a great deal of concern in the free software community, and for good reason: it could easily be a mechanism by which we lose control over our own systems. Recently, Red Hat's Matthew Garrett described how the Fedora distribution planned to handle secure boot in the Fedora 18 release. That posting has inspired a great deal of concern and criticism, though, arguably, about the wrong things."
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Let's be perfectly honest here. This UEFI bullshit is being inflicted on us by the same bunch of assholes within Fedora who decided to inflict the half-baked garbage known as Gnome 3 upon unsuspecting users of Fedora.

Ummm, yeah where to begin.

See Linux is different than the other OSes you're probably used to. You hate Gnome 3? No problem, you can install MATE (Gnome 2 kept on life support), KDE, XFCE, LXDE, WindowMaker, TWM, or just hit Ctrl-Alt-F2 and start using the Linux console. So Gnome 3, it wasn't forced on you.

Also, this UEFI bullshit is being orchestrated by Microsoft. Yeah, they aren't exclusive in designing and developing it, so there certainly are a few other companies to blame there. However, Microsoft are the ones who are twisting the OEMs arms into enabling it by default.

Fedora, and by extension Red Hat are just trying to figure out how to ensure that their software continues to work on these new Windows 8 stickered computers with minimal interuptions for their users. With that being said, I, like many others, am disappointed that they decided to kowtow to Microsoft, instead of putting up a fight against this clearly anticompetitive practice.

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In the same vein you can use Litestep, LDE(X), bbLean, Emerge Desktop on "the other OSes you're probably used to" - or just start using the Powershell. So, Explorer isn't forced on you.

Except, that's not really the case in ~corporate scenarios, where some fairly usual set of defaults does tend to be forced on users. Also when the OS is Red Hat (or its derivatives), which likely will force Gnome 3.

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