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Apple Apple held its keynote speech just now, kicking off its developer conference. The company announced minor refreshes for its laptop line, introduced a stunning new laptop with a Retina display, and gave a sneak peek of iOS 6, which will launch in the Fall.
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RE[2]: Death of Wired networking
by zima on Mon 18th Jun 2012 22:19 UTC in reply to "RE: Death of Wired networking"
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Everyone who lives in a house built with thick walls or reinforced concrete, or who relies on a WiFi router that typically has a dozen clients connected at the same time, knows how much WiFi is actually worth.

I wonder if that's partly a matter of different customs in building methods seems that light frame wooden construction is quite popular in the US (also, suburban sprawl might help with less contention) - while relatively rare in the EU for example, where buildings typically use more solid methods (and people - so also routers - live more densely)

Alas, US is such big and profligate market that it can greatly influence the overall direction.

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