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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Engadget has something that could, if you squint, be regarded as a hands-on of BlackBerry 10. "We finally got a chance to cut through the smoke and mirrors of the company's polished PowerPoint presentations to get some honest-to-goodness, up-close and personal time testing the software." This is all they seem to be confident enough to show. Not a good sign for RIM. Not good at all.
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The fate seems to be already decided
by libray on Wed 20th Jun 2012 16:55 UTC
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The reviewers seem to have a list of comparisons to judge the new OS with. They won't care about the UI as much as RIM does. Consumers won't have a chance to find out if they would like any new features that the OS provides, especially if they are not in a cycle to change their phones out.

A non-physical keyboard on this is also killer... killer bad.

That RIM believes they needed a new OS in order to stay competitive is bad.

BB7 devices should be continued and the company should stick with bread-and-butter, and making those better, not a gamble.

Palm gambled even though it had a solid OS base. A big change in OS and design will alienate those who are currently keeping the company afloat.

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A non-physical keyboard on this is also killer... killer bad.

To be clear, RIM are not abandoning the keyboard, despite media reports saying that is the case. RIM have stated that they want to focus all their attention on a single model for the initial BB10 release, which will be the fullscreen touch model. They have also said that a keyboard version will follow.

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