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Amiga & AROS "Icaros Desktop is an effort to build a modern Amiga-compatible operating system for standard x86 hardware. It's a distribution built atop AROS, which is an open source effort to create a system compatible at the API level with the AmigaOS 3.x series. I recently had a chat to the creator of Icaros, Paolo Besser, about the creation of the OS and why Amiga continues to inspire people today."
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RE[10]: Hmmm
by olafg on Wed 20th Jun 2012 17:26 UTC in reply to "RE[9]: Hmmm"
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nah, some had extra drives, but not most. I think most purchased th 512KB expansion. disk copy programs would read the entire disk to memory before swapping. I did buy the HD though. The Amigas were more or less crushed by PCs when the A1200 became available.

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RE[11]: Hmmm
by MOS6510 on Wed 20th Jun 2012 19:33 in reply to "RE[10]: Hmmm"
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A hard disk beats any number of disk drives.

I played Ultima VI on disk first, walk in any direction 8 steps and the disk would load. When I played from hard disk the activity light would blink for an instant and that was it.

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RE[12]: Hmmm
by leech on Thu 21st Jun 2012 03:26 in reply to "RE[11]: Hmmm"
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Ah, Ultima VI. I had it on the Atari ST. I upgraded my Mega STe to 4MB of ram, and the first thing I did was create a ramdisk and put the 2MB of Ultima VI into it and played it from RAM. It was AWESOME! No load times, and when I wanted to save it, I'd just move it back to the hard drive.

Why oh why can't I do that with modern games? Oh yeah, that's because even though I have 8GB of ram, the games are in the 10-40GB range, and the OS takes at least 2GB of the ram.

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RE[12]: Hmmm
by zima on Wed 27th Jun 2012 23:52 in reply to "RE[11]: Hmmm"
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That reminds me... while 2nd drives seemed generally ignored, there was some movement (small minority, but still) of getting a 2.5" to 3.5" converter and hunting down a surplus inexpensive drive (typically old one, but which would still be plentiful for Amiga). Seems more rewarding and sensible than 2nd floppy ;) (well, with the small downside on not quite fitting in a 600 - or 1200, but those were much rarer)

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