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Windows So, Windows Phone 7.5. I love it - warts and all. It has its issues, but it's so distinctive and fun it's pretty hard to not like it. So, for me, those three other people, and that cow, Microsoft today announced Windows Phone 8. It brings lots of cool new features, is built upon the Windows NT kernel and shares much of its lower levels with Windows 8, and oh, not a single current Windows Phone 7 device will be upgraded to it.
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It wasn't Nokia's decision - it's MS's. Do you really trust them about anything?

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Exactly. Nokia cannot decide or do anything. Microsoft does not really care and focus on the next generation. Nokia would spend the resources to upgrade Lumia to Apollo just to be able to still sell something till Apollo is there. But they cannot. Its not there software, they are just users and only can accept whatever Microsoft decides.

That is the price you have to pay if your core-business relies so much on the good-will of somebody else.

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And Nokia continues to deny that they are MS' bitch.
They've killed their own platforms for this suicide.

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