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Windows So, Windows Phone 7.5. I love it - warts and all. It has its issues, but it's so distinctive and fun it's pretty hard to not like it. So, for me, those three other people, and that cow, Microsoft today announced Windows Phone 8. It brings lots of cool new features, is built upon the Windows NT kernel and shares much of its lower levels with Windows 8, and oh, not a single current Windows Phone 7 device will be upgraded to it.
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Sell me a Lumia now, please
by Bishi on Wed 20th Jun 2012 20:36 UTC
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I have a Motorola phone stuck with Froyo. For me, a phone like a Nokia Lumia is a huge upgrade, even if it stays on WP 7.8. I'd buy it at a reasonable price.

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RE: Sell me a Lumia now, please
by saso on Fri 22nd Jun 2012 11:40 in reply to "Sell me a Lumia now, please"
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Have you looked at running a custom ROM? What Motorola model do you have? (Preferably one without the e-fuse crap.)

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I have a Defy. I didn't upgrade because I'm not really a smartphone user. I love the hardware, but I prefer a computer or a tablet for my needs.

If the Lumia allows me to call people, play music, take photos and videos, use my GTD system, and resist the occasional fall, it's more than enough for me.

The only true smartphone I'd buy in a heartbeat would be something like a Defy Nexus. Upgraded till the end of time, enough battery life to resist a weekend, and tougher than a metal brick.

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