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Apple "Why did Apple just release new MacBook Airs, MacBook Pros, and a Retina MacBook Pro, but no new iMacs or Mac Pros? And why are the iMacs probably being updated this year while the Mac Pro update won't happen for 12-18 months? As usual, I have some guesses." Good points.
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Thunderbolt is basically a transceiver which allows PCI Express lanes to operate over longer distances.

I don't see why you think it would depend on the onboard graphics.

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Thunderbolt isn't just PCIe; the controller multiplexes PCIe and a DP video signal, then send it over the cable. It is this video signal that is used to drive displays, not the PCIe data.

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If anything the would implement thunderbolt as a connector coming off the graphics board, or having the PCH generate the displayport data from a PCI-e board. No one in their right mind would buy a Mac Pro class machine to run graphics off a crappy intel IGC.

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