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Apple The only review that matters - as detailed and in-depth as ever. "I'm giving the MacBook Pro with Retina Display our bronze Editor's Choice award. Making it the first Mac to ever receive one. It would have been a silver had the software story been even stronger (iWork, Mountain Lion, Office and Photoshop being ready at launch would have been a feat worth rewarding). And it would have been a gold had Apple been able to deliver all of that but without sacrificing end-user upgradability." The device has performance issues which Mountain Lion will address (to a degree), but for the rest, AnandTech's review details - without being pro or anti-anything - just how good this new MBP really is. As a sidenote, Windows 8 on the retina display further confirms the classic desktop is dead to Microsoft: it still can't handle high-DPI displays properly. With the desktop going the way of the dodo, why would the company make it so?
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It's not acceptable and I hope many customers will voice their opinion by choosing products that do not suspend even such basic forms of freedom.

Ah, but there in lies the problem. Most people don't care, I am sorry to say. The average person seems to be perfectly willing to believe any hype they're told, and doesn't want to view the long term. Think about it, if most people cared about easy serviceability, would we even be debating this now? The sad fact is that most people don't know how to service their own machines, don't wish to learn, and consequently couldn't care less about it. I am in complete agreement, I will never buy a machine that doesn't have even basic serviceability. Even a Mac Mini is serviceable by the user (in this case me) although a bit cramped and more complicated than it really ought to be. Sadly, it seems even Windows laptop OEMs are beginning to take up this trend.

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