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Apple The only review that matters - as detailed and in-depth as ever. "I'm giving the MacBook Pro with Retina Display our bronze Editor's Choice award. Making it the first Mac to ever receive one. It would have been a silver had the software story been even stronger (iWork, Mountain Lion, Office and Photoshop being ready at launch would have been a feat worth rewarding). And it would have been a gold had Apple been able to deliver all of that but without sacrificing end-user upgradability." The device has performance issues which Mountain Lion will address (to a degree), but for the rest, AnandTech's review details - without being pro or anti-anything - just how good this new MBP really is. As a sidenote, Windows 8 on the retina display further confirms the classic desktop is dead to Microsoft: it still can't handle high-DPI displays properly. With the desktop going the way of the dodo, why would the company make it so?
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Recently I was on a laptop hunt, and I found there are very few servicable laptops on the market. I finally bought a Lenovo Thinkpad, which is the only servicable laptop left. It doesn't have the super high resolution of the newer Apples though ;)

Maybe this is the dark side of consumerisation. Brands aim at the 'brain dead' consumer. GUIs are dumbed down (Metro, OSX, Unity), hardware is locked (Apple, the MS/UEFI scam).

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