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Hardware, Embedded Systems Artificial intelligence is still a long way from delivering the human intelligence in robot form that has long been common in science fiction.
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RE: It will happen quickly
by ilovebeer on Sun 24th Jun 2012 17:34 UTC in reply to "It will happen quickly"
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I have the impression that it can happen before 1000 years from now, which would be, from an evolution standpoint, extremely fast.

Of course, all sorts of things can happen, firstly a global ecological catastrophe and complete natural resources exhaustion that will appropriately send 1000 years backwards our descendants.

Evolution can occur very very quickly in a short time span, or very very slow over a lengthy time span. Generally, the more complex the organism, the longer it takes. But, that's shown not to always be the rule.

What defines intelligence is still highly debated but if we can replicate the tools which produce intelligence, which I believe eventually we will, I see no reason why intelligence can't be manufactured or at least encouraged by our influence.

I believe once "we" have a matured and thorough understanding of what life is and how it's created in nature, we'll realize it's far less mysterious and possibly the product of divinity rather than a `simple` equation.

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they have found that proteomics plays a huge role in how fast new evolutionary traits express themselves.

In a stable environment, the proteins responsible for maintaining a stable expression of genes are able to keep up with the system, under stress however this falls apart and all sorts of stuff happens. the shorter the reproductive cycle of an organism the sooner these modifications to their new gene expressions can show, but it can happen in just a few generations under the right conditions.

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I believe once "we" have a matured and thorough understanding of what life is and how it's created in nature, we'll realize it's far less mysterious and possibly the product of divinity rather than a `simple` equation.

Okay, your first assignment would be to explain in technical details more than enough of what wikipedia or any 'edia:
can tell you. You can also include why a unique human being will become a homosexual in her/his later life based on these technical details.

True AI is not possible according to the data. Only AI is possible but not true AI, where true AI = conscious human brain. While man can eventually develop a human/brain-like machine, it won't evolve into a conscious machine being(although the AI developers can program the machine to act as one).

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RE[3]: It will happen quickly
by zima on Sat 30th Jun 2012 23:57 in reply to "RE[2]: It will happen quickly"
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Whatever its exact mechanisms (and not yet having a clear picture of them - or of prenatal development in general - doesn't change anything), homosexuality appears evolutionary selected for, to a degree - for example, sisters of homosexual men are statistically more fertile (WRT to homosexual women... well, let's be honest, they'd be more or less forced into childbearing anyway, any traits hardly selected either way - perhaps why women are supposedly a bit more "undetermined")

But you just prefer to make up "data" or "evidence" (in other nearby posts), wish them into existence out of thin air (or, rather, from your ~Christian mythology, it seems - which BTW at some point had a problem even with the moons of Jupiter - but this is not the kind of fiction under discussion)...

...while there appears to be nothing which would block "true AI" as far as our understanding of the universe is concerned (which is BTW brought by ~science, not mythologies - in fact, what you can be pretty damn sure of is that they concede more and more; virtually everything was being explained by myths and divine intervention at one point or another, virtually everything what they once claimed turns out wrong, over time, gradually chipped off; no reason to go back now)

At the very least, we should be able to do a "brute force" approach of running a full human brain in software ...and over time streamlining it, optimising, modifying - until, from some point on, it won't be human any more. It will be more.

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