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Internet & Networking "If you are on Facebook but have never taken a particular shine to Facebook's e-mail capability, Facebook is intent on changing your mind. As of Friday, the company seems to have quietly given or replaced the display e-mail addresses of all of its users with an address, routing any e-mail communiques you would have received back to its own Messages inboxes." Scummy doesn't even begin to describe this.
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RE[3]: A bit misleading
by libray on Tue 26th Jun 2012 01:40 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: A bit misleading"
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Not sure how to answer your question except:

I have a facebook address?!

How would I know if email is sent there or not? Just wait around for deliveries (if indeed facebook is able to forward someplace) and read all the headers of all messages from now on?

Should I ask possible senders if they sent me email via facebook? How do I find those senders?

I just tried to send to my facebook account... whoops, they block my ip due to PBL, something my originally listed domain's mx does not use...

% host -t mx mail is handled by 10

% host has address

% telnet 25
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
554 5.7.1 POL-P1
Connection to closed by foreign host.

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