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Google So yeah, Google totally just won the conference showdown by easily beating both Apple and Microsoft. Not only did Google announce Android 4.1 with some really cool new features, a cheap but non-crippled tablet, and a new Android device called the Nexus Q, but they also opened up pre-orders for Google Glass. So yeah.
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Just ordered one.
by gan17 on Thu 28th Jun 2012 08:56 UTC
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Just ordered a 16GB Nexus 7 via my lil' sister in Australia. Shipping is supposed to start mid-July, and I have a friend visiting my sister's city around that time. If chips fall into place right, I can have that friend collect it. If not, I'll probably just need to pay for courier charges. The tablet's basically free, since my sister gets reimbursed for tech stuff at the end of the year thanks to some sort of "professional improvement allowance" system they have over there.

Basically an impulse buy on my part. Neither iOS nor Android have impressed me, tbh. One is a prison of hipsters and yuppies, while the other is a freeland for criminals. Neither is really an OpenBSD in terms of overall quality, but keeping expectations low enough might result in a pleasant surprise or two from Jellybean.

Might have to sign up for a new US or Australian based gmail account to get my $25 worth of free-apps and access to full Google Play content, but I suppose that's for the best anyway. Better to let let Google track 10 versions of me instead of 1 or 2. I must admit to liking the look of that rubberized back. Makes way more sense than a shiny metallic or glossy plastic finish.

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RE: Just ordered one.
by delta0.delta0 on Thu 28th Jun 2012 17:09 in reply to "Just ordered one."
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ive ordered one as well ;)

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