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Google So yeah, Google totally just won the conference showdown by easily beating both Apple and Microsoft. Not only did Google announce Android 4.1 with some really cool new features, a cheap but non-crippled tablet, and a new Android device called the Nexus Q, but they also opened up pre-orders for Google Glass. So yeah.
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RE[2]: How about starting with this
by cdude on Thu 28th Jun 2012 11:16 UTC in reply to "RE: How about starting with this"
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> Google has completely lost control of the Android ecosystem

You make it sound as its something bad. Googles Android strategy is working well and its partly cause of the open nature of Android. Giving up full control accelerates the Android grow and with it propagation of google's cash cows. Google's cash cows are the services and not full control of Android.

> it's going to mean that fragmentation will continue to be a huge problem

You name it fragmentation, I name it choice. Android can fit more scenarios - what means reach more people what, I repeat, is google's goal - with diverse products.

The whole idea behind Android - may it be licenses, the distribution and the software itself - is to spread, to be adopted by as many different partners as possible, to flood the market and to make google "the door to the internet and online-services". They have no interest in making money with Android licenses, with controlling Android and the Android eco-system.

That is why google will succeed and Microsoft not. Google has a business-model that is so much different from Microsofts that google can and does give away Android to its partners so those partners have the full control and can turn that into an end-user product to make lots of money with. Microsoft's business-model is controlling the eco-system. No control, no money.

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You make it sound as its something bad.

It is bad. Current estimates are that fewer than 4-7% of tablet users will have access to 4.1 for SEVERAL YEARS. Why? Because it takes Android-based vendors a lot of time to upgrade to more recent builds. And, by that point, Google has created new versions, etc. In other words, the fragmentation means that users have no idea what apps will run on their machines because the ecosystem is so busted.

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Do you even use Android? If not, why do you care?

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