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Google "Google is making another attempt to fix the Android update problem at the Google I/O conference. The plan is to give smartphone, tablet and chip manufacturers earlier opportunities to adapt their current and new hardware to forthcoming Android versions. Google said that it hopes that this will allow users to receive their updates faster. To achieve this, Android executive Hugo Barra announced a 'Platform Development Kit'." I have my doubts.
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"Skins" are not the root of all evil
by ins0mniac on Fri 29th Jun 2012 23:26 UTC
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I see people bashing around the "skins" manufacturers add over standard Android. For me Sense is the reason I had almost only HTC phones since the WM times. I did actually try a Nexus S last year but I hated it and after not even a month I've got the Sensation. At some point I installed a "Senseless" ROM for the promise of a snappier phone, but again I couldn't stand it for more than a day. Maybe a lot of people think Sense is just an oversized clock with a weather widget, but it actually has the best contacts & dialer application I've seen on any phone and It also has full support for my language. There are other things as well, but those are the most important for me and I am willing to wait a couple of months or more for an update, but the cool thing is that I don't actually have to as the guys at XDA usually port new versions in a matter of weeks.
Sure, Sense adds some bloatware and that's why the first thing I do when I get a new phone is to install a custom ROM which is cleaned and optimized, without removing any useful functions.

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This, my friends, is what is known as Technology Stockholm Syndrome.

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This, my friends, is called a person that has issues with other people's preferences.

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There were/are nice extra functions in Sense. I just wish they could provide those extra functions in single apps without weird skins.

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