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Google "Google is making another attempt to fix the Android update problem at the Google I/O conference. The plan is to give smartphone, tablet and chip manufacturers earlier opportunities to adapt their current and new hardware to forthcoming Android versions. Google said that it hopes that this will allow users to receive their updates faster. To achieve this, Android executive Hugo Barra announced a 'Platform Development Kit'." I have my doubts.
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RE[3]: Nice but ...
by 0brad0 on Sat 30th Jun 2012 03:13 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Nice but ..."
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Except that for the general population of people using android who don't know any better don't really care. I'm talking about people like my brother and friends, for who android was their first smartphone. They are all happily running 2.3 or 2.2 completely oblivious of the fact that ICS even exists. Heck, my brother thought he was getting all the updates because the google play store keeps installing "updates". Honestly, outside of the people who visit osnews, the general population just doesn't care.

A lot more users than just OSNews users feel this way about updates. Also what you've said is irrelevant since said users are NOT going to rush out and buy new shiny shiny hardware anyway.

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RE[4]: Nice but ...
by broken_symlink on Sat 30th Jun 2012 03:25 in reply to "RE[3]: Nice but ..."
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What I'm saying is that the lack of updates isn't going to drive customers away, because a lot of customers don't know they aren't getting updates in the first place. My brother and all my friends using 2.3 and 2.2 are perfectly happy with their HTCs, Droids, Galaxies, and what not, and by the time their two year contract is up, many of them will be using phones running the same os it had the day they opened the box two years ago. Whats to stop them from buying a new phone from the same company when they are up for renewal, when they had a good experience in the past and are oblivious to the fact that they weren't getting something that they should have been, ie updates?

Even my parents, who both have iphones and ipads, don't know and don't care that they aren't running the latest version of iOS, and they are both perfectly happy with their devices.

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