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Legal I stopped following all the patent trolling in the mobile industry months ago because, you know, I have a life, but apparently some big ruling just got handed down in the United States: using three software patents, a patent troll from Cupertino has been given an injunction on Samsung's Galaxy Nexus, imposing a ban on the device. This patent trolling has to stop, blah, blah, we've all been here before. If you need me, I'll be over there on the sofa remembering the good old days when Cupertino was famous for great products, instead of infamous for its patent troll.
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You forget there's litigation going on all over the world?

Right. Quiet now.

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I was referring to these:


Android is free to me, and most of the world.

Maybe to you, I think "the rest of the world" is an exaggeration.

Enough context for you?

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I don't understand what point you think you're making, I don't think you do either. You're so eager to disagree with me that you're not making sense.

Samsung and other manufacturers are facing litigation (And have been handed injunctions) in various parts of the world. So no, Android is not free everywhere outside of the US.

Besides, we don't live in an isolated world. Samsung is a multinational corporation. Costs are costs.

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I'm missing the part that allows you to make the apparent leap of logic that litigation automatically implies fault. Anyone can sue for pretty much anything. Doesn't mean they're going to win

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I don't. However this ruling and others like it imply a degree of fault.

All cases don't have to swing in Apple's favor for it to become a problem for Android. Google should step up and indemnify OEMs and guarantee legal protection from Microsoft and Apple.

Why doesn't Google do that? No one has answered this meaningfully.

Right now OEMs foot the legal bills and they suffer the costs of import bans. All because Google won't grow a back bone.

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The fact that America has an useless patent law doesn't affect the rest of the world. And most of the world can not care less about it.

Is that clear enough ?

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