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Legal I stopped following all the patent trolling in the mobile industry months ago because, you know, I have a life, but apparently some big ruling just got handed down in the United States: using three software patents, a patent troll from Cupertino has been given an injunction on Samsung's Galaxy Nexus, imposing a ban on the device. This patent trolling has to stop, blah, blah, we've all been here before. If you need me, I'll be over there on the sofa remembering the good old days when Cupertino was famous for great products, instead of infamous for its patent troll.
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RE[3]: Comment by Gone fishing
by Nelson on Sat 30th Jun 2012 07:36 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Gone fishing"
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This is Samsung we're talking about. They're not exactly broke. I'm fully confident that unless their lawyers are incompetent, they would've pointed out any prior art they were made aware of. If some existed.

Prior art is a tricky thing in patent law.

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Prior art is a tricky thing in patent law.
Allowing abuse, so that unprincipled companies can get spurious patents to stifle competition. Competitors can then both be harmed by the application of spurious patents and the process of overturning them.

However, its not hard to see where this will go. When the developing economies are sufficiently important they will not tolerate paying an IP Tax to US companies for trivia like slide to unlock or making a rectangular phone with rounded corners. The US patent system will be rejected in total and then US companies that have generated real innovation by serious R&D will suffer, as will the American people and the West in general, but who cares if Apple can make a quick buck now - right?

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