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Legal I stopped following all the patent trolling in the mobile industry months ago because, you know, I have a life, but apparently some big ruling just got handed down in the United States: using three software patents, a patent troll from Cupertino has been given an injunction on Samsung's Galaxy Nexus, imposing a ban on the device. This patent trolling has to stop, blah, blah, we've all been here before. If you need me, I'll be over there on the sofa remembering the good old days when Cupertino was famous for great products, instead of infamous for its patent troll.
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Now the ideas in the software are of course from thousands of people that have shaped how computers work for over 70+ years.

Apple spend millions of dollares in R&D to come up wiht the "ideas" in question. Those ideas didn't just materialize out of thin air. (Or, if you're in the school of thought that says that all ideas already exist, but they're just waiting to be discovered, then Apple spent millions of dollars in R&D "discovering" those ideas, they didn't just come to light out of thin air). Google spent zero in copying those ideas that Apple created (or "discovered"). Code is different from ideas, but they BOTH have value. It's not the case that only "code" has value (in fact, it's absurd).

As for Google giving their software away for free, yes, that's how they get away with infringing on patents left and right, but too bad they don't indemnify their hardware partners who are selling said code (as part of their hardware device product), and are therefore liable to be sued for Google's malificence. (is that a word? hehe)

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Apple spend millions of dollares in R&D to come up wiht the "ideas" in question.

So you are in favor of idea patents?

Please think about what it would mean if idea patents became the norm.

Also I don't believe Apple spend millions of dollars on ideas. They spend it on research, code, hardware etc. It is nice that your product was the first with the bouncy screen but if a competitor makes his own implementation with his own research, code, hardware etc. what makes you think you own his work?

If you really think idea patents should become the norm I am scared for the future because there might be more people that think like you.

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Those ideas didn't just materialize out of thin air.

Yeah, usually Apple stole them from somewhere as Steve Jobs has so proudly proclaimed...
Also, ideas are supposedly not patent-able.

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