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Apple Exactly five years ago today, Apple officially released its entry into the mobile phone market, the iPhone. Immediately loved by customers the world over, ridiculed by the competition, and, in my book, not particularly innovative feature-wise, it changed the mobile phone industry virtually overnight. Love the iPhone or hate the iPhone, its industry-changing impact is evident.
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RE[3]: Pure OS
by zima on Mon 2nd Jul 2012 13:18 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Pure OS"
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The important part was that Apple still does sell the 3GS and has continued to pus out OS updates for it

The important thing is that the latter comes from the former, and is unlikely to continue for very long beyond sales period (hence "guaranteeing [...] for the next few years" doesn't quite encompass it)

with less and less features enabled, but those are more a function of the capabilities of the device for the most part.

But also artificial segmentation. Things like an email VIP list or an offline reading list are certainly not limited by hardware - in fact, to remove them and test such variant Apple likely had to specifically exert some additional effort, to limit people.

users don't have to hack, root, or go to other extreme measures to get the latest software for it, unlike a lot of Android handsets

I suppose vast majority of users hardly care about that, more or less happy with how their handset works, and since they can install applications anyway (OTOH, with Apple OS - both mobile and desktop - devs seem to immediately jump on requiring the latest OS even if it hardly changes anything; so OS updates are pretty much mandatory, old versions quickly abandoned), and since Google updates many core apps separately from the OS.

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