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Apple Exactly five years ago today, Apple officially released its entry into the mobile phone market, the iPhone. Immediately loved by customers the world over, ridiculed by the competition, and, in my book, not particularly innovative feature-wise, it changed the mobile phone industry virtually overnight. Love the iPhone or hate the iPhone, its industry-changing impact is evident.
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RE: Impacts of the iPhone
by spiderman on Mon 2nd Jul 2012 18:32 UTC in reply to "Impacts of the iPhone"
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Impacts of the iPhone --

1- Greatly cut into iPod sales
2- Killed off Palm, put Nokia and RIM on the ropes
3- Killed off Microsoft's near-monopoly of
consumer OS sales
4. Popularized the smartphone

1 - OK
2 - Palm and RIM maybe but Nokia put itself on the ropes. It shot itself in the foot. Apple has nothing to do with that.
3 - Microsoft still has a near monopoly of desktop OS sales. Microsoft on the phones was struggling before the iPhone and is still struggling. The media focus has changed but this has always been the case.
4 - There is no evidence about that. Symbian phones were more popular than the first iPhone. The iPhone 3G and 3GS became popular and now Android phones are becoming popular. The mobile phone market was very competitive before the iPhone and still is.

In my opinion, the impact of the iPhone was that Apple teached other manufacturers how to market a product. Some of them have learnt the lesson (Samsung) and some have not. But Apple is still light years ahead in marketing. They have the media strings and the power to even rewrite history. They can put all the media focused on their products at no cost. They are very good at that.

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