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Windows So, I guess Apple set a trend three years ago when it announced the $29 pricing for Snow Leopard (insert patent joke here). Microsoft has just announced the upgrade pricing for Windows 8 Pro - and it's good. Every Windows XP, Vista, and 7 install, no matter the version, is eligible for an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro (download version) for just $39.99. The fine print: this offer only runs until January 31, 2013.
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Only because Windows 7 is better
by Priest on Mon 2nd Jul 2012 19:54 UTC
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I guess we'll see how they price future versions of Windows but maybe the reason 8 is so low is because of all the negative opinions of it.

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bryhhh Member since:

+1; I won't be going anywhere near this OS.

Of the MS operating systems, I've used NT4, Win 2000, Win XP and Win 7, all of which have been great operating systems.

Windows 9x, ME, Vista were all terrible, and I see Windows 8 being added to that list.

They are trying to jump on the touch screen interface bandwagon. Whilst great on a small lightweight tablet/phone, it's not so good for desktops and laptops.

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zima Member since:

Yeah, right... Vista was horrible, but Vista SE (aka "let's do the marketing trick with lucky 7") is great?

(also, you really forgot how bad NT4, 2k, XP were before few service packs)

And nobody really tried touch in larger scenarios, it might very well end up quite awesome (when, for example, the display tech of MS Surface 2.0 - the table kind - gets inexpensive; but that would require "forcing" the devs a bit, so that the applications will be mostly ready; I guess that's largely what MS tries to do with "Metro 1.0" ...and BTW, Windows 1.0 hardly went anywhere - but 3.x and especially fourth were all the rage)

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Win7 is a subset of win8; so, maybe you do not see any interesting thing that win8 offers, but it does not make it worse.

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Quite, if it wasn't for Metro, 8 is just a point SP for 7. Even so, if one could turn off Metro I'd upgrade. As is, think you'd have to be perversely masochistic to do so. Really can't understand this at all.

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ze_jerkface Member since:

That's like saying that rotting cow carcass is a superset of steak.

Windows 8 doesn't give you the option of using the start menu or booting into the desktop.

Don't give me that Sinofsky BS about it being the same Windows. The same Windows doesn't dump all my shortcuts onto a single screen.

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"The fine print: this offer only runs until January 31, 2013."

[...] this *upgrade* only runs [...]


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I guess we'll see how they price future versions of Windows but maybe the reason 8 is so low is because of all the negative opinions of it.

A company proves its right to exist, by charging a fee for their products. Lowering prices is a sign of weakness. High prices are a sign of strength.

This low price shows that MS is hesitant on Windows 8. The next Windows can not be sold for a much higher price, there will be an outrage.

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NeoX Member since:

++1 to that too!

After running the beta releases for some time now, my opinion is that they are going to have to nearly give it away for people to upgrade. No start menu, really?

Is this Windows ME 3.0 or Vista 2.0? The negatives on Vista are far less then what I have heard from virtually everyone that i know that has tried 8.

At least make an option to keep the windows 7 way of operating if you are installing on a desktop with mouse and keyboard.

I will get the upgrade simply so I can support my customers but it will not replace windows 7 for me.

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