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Windows So, I guess Apple set a trend three years ago when it announced the $29 pricing for Snow Leopard (insert patent joke here). Microsoft has just announced the upgrade pricing for Windows 8 Pro - and it's good. Every Windows XP, Vista, and 7 install, no matter the version, is eligible for an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro (download version) for just $39.99. The fine print: this offer only runs until January 31, 2013.
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RE: Downgrade right to Win7 Pro?
by Nico57 on Mon 2nd Jul 2012 22:03 UTC in reply to "Downgrade right to Win7 Pro?"
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Sounds like a nice option!

Why do theses XP machines *need* a Win7 upgrade anyway?
64-bit support?

If your XP licenses are actually downgraded Vista licenses, there's another option: you can downgrade Vista to XP64.
That's quite an upgrade actually!

While XP64 was never massively used, hardware support is still quite good.
Thanks to its success on the workstation market and its shared codebase with Windows Server 2003, graphics and networking support is top notch.
The only 2 problematic device classes I've had to deal with are embedded audio codecs (Vista64 drivers may not work) and USB wifi dongles from the XP era (upgraded drivers sometimes exist but can only be picked by Vista/7 from WindowsUpdate, and cannot be downloaded otherwise).

And of course, vendor support is coming to its end on April 8, 2014 (just like XP32).
Still, that's almost 2 more years to go.

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Reasons for upgrading to Win7 from WinXP.

1) Better Operating System with a better kernel, security sub-system, better programming API's.

2) Windows 7 is more standards compliant with IE9, Visual Studio 2010, and a base-level media player that DOESN'T suck.

3) More support in industry. Chances are that most companies are now going to charge you more to do trouble-shooting/support on WinXP machines. Plus if your department needs a new piece of tech, like a printer, more support for Win7.

4) (optional) Arguably easier to use. I know that there will be people that say it isn't but personally I find that I am navigating around my computer and programs faster than when I was on WinXP. One example is if I have 5+ programs open, not a rare occurance for me, and I want to launch my media player I just press 'WinKey+5' and that launches it from the position it is on on my taskbar.

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Driver support for new hardware is also gonna be a problem in the somewhat near future for XP I can imagine.

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Security really is a lot better. UAC may annoy people but it has been proven to make life a lot harder for malware writers.

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XP 64bit is worse than XP 32bit.

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In what respect? Drivers were the biggest problem in my experience. But other than that it was just like XP 32 bit except more robust.

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XP starts losing software support. And 2k3/XP64 weren't ever that great with it, or with graphics support (writing from a 2k3 box BTW; and sure, you can toy around with forcing the apps to run so on ...but it's silly to expect such approach in ~corporate settings)

It would be very much a downgrade from Vista, especially the present service-packed one (which is BTW adored by people under the VistaSE moniker, aka Win7)

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