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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Nokia board chairman Risto Siilasmaa went on a Finnish television show, and stated that while he is confident in Windows Phone 8, the company does have a back-up plan if it doesn't work out. Speculation aplenty - what is this backup plan? The answer's pretty easy, if you ask me.
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RE[2]: backup plan
by 0brad0 on Tue 3rd Jul 2012 00:30 UTC in reply to "RE: backup plan"
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Well, using another new OS that has zero market share (Tizen, WebOS, Firefox OS) would definitely be worse than using Android.

Can't say as I agree. The other OS they were working on before WP7 had better sales than the WP7 phones and had a whole lot more potential. Being another Android vendor is a bad idea.

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RE[3]: backup plan
by Delgarde on Tue 3rd Jul 2012 02:41 in reply to "RE[2]: backup plan"
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Being another Android vendor is a bad idea.

Maybe, but it still beats the alternative. Because in a world where mobile developers code for iOS and Android and ignore WP, they're certainly not going to bother supporting a new and unproven Nokia-only platform.

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RE[4]: backup plan
by cdude on Tue 3rd Jul 2012 10:30 in reply to "RE[3]: backup plan"
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I would not name Meego unproven. The N9 sold well and Nokia still has the knowledge inhouse to pick it up again, put it on hardware and sell products within short time.

For network-effects the WP7 experiment did show that this is not the selling point. You can partner with a giant like Microsoft and yet fail (in fact it seems partners of Microsoft failing is more the rule then an exception).

What they should do is to pick what they have, Symbian and Meego, sell products with them and give Android a try too. Do it like Samsung (Android, Bada, Tizen) and be not that stupid to put all eggs again into only one basket.

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RE[3]: backup plan
by Soulbender on Tue 3rd Jul 2012 04:15 in reply to "RE[2]: backup plan"
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Being another Android vendor is a bad idea.

Yes but it's the backup plan. Spending loads of money on something like Tizen or WebOs would have been a good primary plan but it would be an awful backup.

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