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Google It was time somebody cleared that up: the oft-decried skins put by OEM and operators on Android are not responsible for the lateness or lack of updates. The truth is that skins are easy, hardware drivers are hard. That is not to say skins do not have other problems, or that the problem is unsolvable, but asking for "stock" Android OS is not going to help on the update front.
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OEMS Do alot more than skin Android
by TheKurrgan on Tue 3rd Jul 2012 06:13 UTC
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Skinning isnt an accurate term. Take Samsung...They modify most of the front end stuff the users interact with and see... from the dialer down to the camera..the only thing that remains the same is the underlying base linux platform..
As to drivers, there is no way you are going to convince me it takes 7 months to get this stuff working and tested when the boys over on xda are already pulling it off without the benefit of source code.
Not to mention the sheer bloat they add to the device.. Motorola being the most obvious of the bunch.. Still no ICS on any GSM device they have yet..

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The guys at XDA can't do much without the code dumps by vendors. And, as the article righfully points out, hardware support is always the sore point. The whole interface works at the first alpha, but no wifi, no camera, no hardware acceleration, etc.

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I've seen XDA guys do a lot to be honest. The only thing that usually holds them back is kernel source releases, but you can retrofit ICS on older kernel sources for the most part.

They're not to be underestimated. I really sincerely doubt that OEMs have any legitimate excuse for these delays (or sometimes lack of updates altogether).

How anyone can defend an OEM, especially one as blatantly negligent as Samsung is beyond me.

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