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Legal In the Used Soft GmbH v. Oracle International Corp. case, the Court of Justice of the EU ruled today that it is okay to resell software, regardless of clauses in the software license. This is a pretty big deal, and further affirms that a software license is not necessarily binding. Great news for European consumers.
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RE[5]: Great
by Soulbender on Wed 4th Jul 2012 03:52 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Great"
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If selling used software licenses was legal

It is legal. Just because big business says you can't doesn't mean you're not allowed to. Things you put in a EULA does not magically become valid contract clauses. Contract law exist for a reason.

Plus, I could sell copies to multiple people and possibly make some money, while still getting to use the software.

Dude, that's an entire different thing. Making copies and selling those is plain old copyright infringement.

What we are talking about is selling the copy you rightfully own to someone else and transfer the ownership.
Not being allowed to sell old software is as absurd as not being allowed to sell your old car.

Right now, if I try and sell used software on Ebay (in the US), the auction would probably get removed quickly.

Really? There are no old games in original packaging for sale on Ebay?

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