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Windows So, I guess Apple set a trend three years ago when it announced the $29 pricing for Snow Leopard (insert patent joke here). Microsoft has just announced the upgrade pricing for Windows 8 Pro - and it's good. Every Windows XP, Vista, and 7 install, no matter the version, is eligible for an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro (download version) for just $39.99. The fine print: this offer only runs until January 31, 2013.
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XP64 is Server 2003 which at the core is better than XP.

I guarantee that any problems you had were driver related. They should have called it something else, the name gave it unrealistic compatibility expectations.

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No it isn't driver problems

WHQL drivers for all my hardware ... I am still running the same hardware now (Intel Mother Board, Nvidia Graphics).

XP 64bit was half of this and half of that, which was the real problem, IMO.

Also after running Windows 7 and VISTA you really miss things like the prefetch working properly.

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XP 64bit was half of this and half of that, which was the real problem, IMO.

No it was Win2k3 with an XP theme. Win2k3 is a solid OS.

Plenty of gamers have benchmarked XP64. It doesn't have performance issues.

I don't know your situation but it isn't the norm. Odds are that one of your 64 bit drivers is the problem. Windows 7 may run better but XP64 isn't crap.

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